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Biden Bears a Boot

Joe Biden was playing with his dog, Major, last week when he slipped and fell and injured his foot. When he went to get it checked out, x-ray showed no fractures. However with the severity and location of the pain, getting further imaging was not a bad idea. His CT scan, which shows the bones in great detail, proved to show that he did in fact have stress fractures in the foot. Luckily, a simple treatment of wearing a walking boot for a few weeks will do the trick!

Stress fractures are not always visible on x-ray depending on when the injury occurred.  Sometimes a fracture is only visualized in more advanced imaging such as CT scan or MRI. In order to see a stress fracture on x-ray, the bone will have had to start healing already, which takes 2-3 weeks to show up. At this point, a bone callus around the affected bone will be visible as clouded fuzzy area. However, if someone is in enough pain, getting advanced imaging to prove a stress fracture sooner will help with treatment.

Usually, stress fractures do not need surgical intervention. They require a stiff soled shoe or walking boot with weight bearing as tolerated for 6-8 weeks. In the event that a stress fracture gets worse and becomes a displaced fracture, it may then require surgical intervention to realign the bones. So, when in doubt, it is important to have your podiatrist examine any injury you endure to prevent any further complications!

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