Dance at Home, But Don’t Fall for These Injuries

If you just can’t seem to mirror the exercise routine from your gym, we have a suggestion: dance. That’s right. Turn on some music and find your groove. You’re not only burning calories but also having fun. If you’re at the house with your family members, bring them in on the fun, too. While dancing — and practicing social distancing, the Gentle Touch Footcare team is here to remind you of a few injuries to avoid.

Ankle sprain

An ankle sprain is a very common injury, and it can also be painful. Most sprains occur when a person overstretches or tears an ankle ligament. If you were grooving to the music a little too much, take it easy. Follow the PRICE method: protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If you experience swelling, pain or tingling, contact our office.


We recommend that you clear a space before dancing to your favorite tunes. Move furniture with sharp corners. Also, rearrange slippery rugs and other accessories. If you still happen to bump into something and experience pain, stop immediately. You may not realize that you have a toe fracture. Many people have a broken toe, but the initial pain can be dismissed if it is on and off.

Broken ankle

A more serious ankle injury is a broken ankle. With an ankle sprain, ligaments may have been torn or broken. With a broken ankle, which is more severe, a patient has broken bones. If you’re unable to put your weight on your ankle, it’s best to get an X-ray to determine if multiple bones have been broken. You probably won’t be dancing much if you experience this injury but stop your activity immediately.

We’ve taken serious precautions to protect our staff and patients. We kindly ask that you reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms. Make an appointment with Bruce Theall, DPM if you are concerned about an injury you may have experienced. Call us today at 973-673-3668. Our office is located at 310 Central Avenue East, Orange, NJ, 07018.

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