Fitness Firsts

You’re not alone. Many people began the new year with health and wellness goals, which are great ways to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Before you walk through the doors of the gym or begin the exercise program at home, have you considered whether your feet are ready for the journey? If you haven’t had a recent checkup, or if you’re still experiencing foot pain, hit “pause” on your fitness plan. We’re excited for you to hit your goals, but the doctors at Gentle Touch Foot Care also want to see you avoid a sports injury

Plan ahead

If you’re beginning a new workout class or fitness routine, do some research. Learn which type of shoes work best, which stretches to do before and after the workout, the types of exercises and pace of the class, and any equipment that you may need to bring on the first day. Knowing these details in advance can help you feel a bit more comfortable; it can also let you know if this is the best class for you as a beginner. Talk to friends, too!

Make an appointment

We get it — you’re ready to work towards your goal now! Resist the urge to skip out on a health check. If you’re pain-free, it’s still a great time to speak with your podiatrist and receive advice on how to care for your feet and ankles while starting a new exercise routine. If you’re currently experiencing pain or recently recovering from an injury, listen to the advice of your podiatrist. They’re trying to help you prevent the pain from worsening or causing another injury.

Bring your support

Friends are great, but we’re also talking about any supportive materials or devices you may need for your feet or ankles. If you have orthotics for your sports shoes, use them. If you have an ankle brace, don’t forget this, too.

Make an appointment with our doctors, Bruce Theall, DPM, and Priscilla Seshie, DPM, so we can make sure you’re ready to start your fitness plan worry-free. Call us today at 973-673-3668. Our office is located at 310 Central Avenue East, Orange, NJ, 07018.

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