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Laser Treatments help Pop Icon Madonna with nail fungus

Nail fungus is a chronic condition that may be embarrassing, but it’s a lot more common then you might think  and not even celebrities are immune.  Pop icon Madonna has been spotted walking around with open-toed shoes and showing toenails that appeared to be afflicted with fungus. So how do stars say goodbye to nail fungus and hello to healthy feet? Most likely with the help of lasers — the most effective path to red carpet-ready nails.

Believe it or not, nail fungus affects a lot of us, over 36 million Americans to be exact. So if you’re currently dealing with the frustrating condition, you’re not alone. A fungus infection is the most common type of nail disease and causes nails to become thick, discolored, and brittle, But have no fear, there’s hope for getting your feet back in shape in no time.

The best way to get rid of nail fungus (and most likely how the stars do it) is with laser. More specifically, our high powered new Dio Wave laser treatment is designed to kill fungus with laser light. The light is able to penetrate the infected nail without damaging either the nail itself or the surrounding healthy skin. The quick in-office procedure, takes only about 30 minutes, so you can easily fit it into your schedule and there are no known side effects so you can go back to whatever you were doing right away.

Laser treatment for nail fungus really is a revolutionary breakthrough procedure. After years of likely bouncing from one topical treatment to the next, only to have the infection return or never really go away, sufferers can finally rest easy knowing there’s an option for fighting nail fungus that works. If you’ve been hiding your feet due to nail fungus, it’s time to take your toes out of hiding. One laser treatment can give you the nails you’ve always wanted and ensure you never feel embarrassed by going barefoot again. Gentle Touch Foot Care can help you on your journey to happy, healthy feet. Contact Dr. Bruce Theall or Dr.Sam Adegboyaga  at 973 673-3663 to schedule your appointment today!

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