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Routine Foot Care - Pamper Yourself!

Routine foot care
should never be painful. At Gentle Touch Foot Care, we believe it is one of the most basic but fantastic treatments offered here. Calluses, corns, ingrown toenails or thickened nails require a gentle, delicate touch when trimmed. Our staff is fully trained and empathic about the fears associated with doctor’s appointments and foot care. So what can you expect when you schedule your appointment?

Our treatment starts off with some pampering! The first part of your routine foot care appointment involves a calming whirlpool to relax your feet, and to de-stress you! The whirlpool lessens the soreness and softens the soon to be treated areas of your feet. Once everything is trimmed we follow up with a massage. Sounds like a day at the spa, doesn’t it? The massage stimulates circulation. We apply pads or fleecy lamb’s wool as needed to add even more comfort.

After our treatments, even the sorest of feet will instantly feel better. We have had patients walk in hobbling, and then leave smiling and thrilled! Daily life makes a big impact on our feet, and pain may return. If you wear proper shoes, inspect your feet regularly and avoid walking barefooted you can put off the discomfort. We recommend scheduling regular appointments with us to keep your feet in tip-top shape.

Interested in a routine foot care appointment with us? Visit our website or call Gentle Touch Foot Care at (973) 673-FOOT. Drs. Theall and Sammy can’t wait to help your feet return to being healthy and pain-free again!

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