Spring Sports and Stress

Are you ready for the spring sports season? It’s an exciting time for both fans and athletes, but it can also cause a bit of stress if you’re unprepared. For parents, this means new gear, including shoes. For adults, taking the time to assess overall health is an important check-list item, too. Each season, the doctors at Gentle Touch Footcare see patients with sports injuries. Accidents happen while on the field or the court, but there are ways to prevent common conditions that lead to foot and ankle pain. 

My child is new to playing sports. Where do I start?

Children are constantly growing and developing, and this includes the many changes happening to their feet and ankles. Additionally, many childhood foot conditions go unnoticed or are easily dismissed as growing pains. Before signing your child up for a sport, it’s best to visit a podiatrist for an exam. This is a great time for parents to share any foot issues they have experienced, as some foot conditions are inherited.

My child already has a pair of running shoes. Is that OK?

Running shoes are great, but they don’t meet the demands of every sport. Each sport requires a different kind of shoe and wearing the wrong shoe can increase chances for an injury.

I still want to play sports, but my foot pain has increased during adulthood.

Pain is not something that you should ignore, even if you believe age brings on a few aches and pains. Staying active has many benefits, so schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to learn more about the cause of your pain. You may have an injury that didn’t fully recover, undiagnosed diabetes or a form of arthritis. Custom orthotics can help.

From youth to seniors, playing sports has great benefits. Make an appointment with our doctors, Bruce Theall, DPM, and Priscilla Seshie, DPM; let our team help you perform your best during this season. Call us today at 973-673-3668. Our office is located at 310 Central Avenue East, Orange, NJ, 07018.

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