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Star Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

This spring the University of Arizona began testing SmartSox, which are designed to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers.  The high-tech, fiber optic stockings can perceive pressure points and changes in temperature that often lead to diabetic foot ulcers.  While the technology seems promising, the cost would be prohibitive for most—a whopping $70,000 per pair.  Stars with diabetes like Bret Michaels may be able to afford this limb-saving technology once it’s available to the public.  However, many patients must look to more affordable treatment options. 

Open wounds can lead to lower extremity amputations, but they often go unnoticed due to loss of feeling in the feet.  Consistent foot exams at our office along with daily self-exams are critical to the care of the diabetic foot. They are often located near the big toe, the ball-of-the-foot, and the sides of the feet.  Poor circulation is another issue for many people with this disease, which leads to longer healing times if an infection occurs. 

At Gentle Touch Foot Care we offer a wide range of comprehensive treatments including hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of these sores.  However the best treatment is prevention.  We provide Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exams as needed for our diabetic patients.  Detecting problems like poor circulation, neuropathy (decreased sensation), skin cancers or wounds, and evaluating all foot deformities and pain help make sure complications don't arise.

Call our office today at 973-673-3668, or schedule an appointment online to learn more about this and other diabetes related treatments.  Drs. Theall and Adegboyega look forward to serving you in our East Orange, NJ office.   


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