What to Do in Case of a Sudden Foot or Ankle Injury


When you suffer from a serious and sudden injury to your foot or ankle your automatic reaction may be to go directly to the emergency room. There are situations when this is obviously appropriate. Your hospital's emergency department is equipped to deal with all types of traumatic injuries, and they are available 24/7. 

Many sudden podiatric injuries, however, while they may be excruciatingly painful and make it difficult to walk, are not truly emergent. You could be in a for a long, uncomfortable wait at the emergency room where you'll also be exposing yourself to a host of potentially contagious illnesses. An ER physician will likely stabilize your injury and tell you to follow up with a podiatrist. A better choice may be to get treated at our office by a podiatrist that specializes in the structure and function of the foot and has extensive experience evaluating and treating foot and ankle injuries. 

Benefits of an Office Visit Over an ER Visit

If you're unsure whether or not to go to the emergency room for a foot or ankle injury, call us first. One of our podiatrists will talk to you on the phone and ask questions about the condition of your foot to determine if an emergency room visit is necessary. If it's decided that your best option would be getting treated in our office, you'll usually be able to get an appointment the same day. You'll receive comprehensive diagnosis and treatment with some additional advantages:

  • Faster treatment in a safe and comfortable environment
  • One stop service for your injury: our offices offer digital x-rays and other imaging studies on site as well as a full range of bandages, braces and other treatment materials
  • Most current diagnostic and treatment technologies available because we specialize in podiatric care
  • Avoid expensive emergency room charges on top of podiatrist cost

After Hours? No Problem

Even if your injury takes place when the office is closed we still recommend you call us first. We have a podiatrist on call round the clock who can assess your injury over the phone. If your injury requires attention, we can then schedule you the following morning for treatment.

When a podiatrist treats your foot or ankle injury you also get the assurance that your diagnosis and treatment is being done by an experienced professional doctor who is fully focused on podiatric medicine and trained in the most current treatment methods. 

Disclaimer: Use your best judgment when assessing any injury (foot, ankle or otherwise). If you are unable to call us first for a sudden traumatic injury and are unsure which is the best route for treatment, err on the side of caution and go directly to the ER.



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