• You Just Stubbed Your Toe. What Now?
    Ouch! Stubbing your toe is both painful and frustrating. It seems like stubbed toes most often occur while we’re in the middle of another important activity. The nature of this Read more
  • The Early Signs of Foot Injuries
    How many times have you let something small turn into a much bigger problem than it ever needed to be? It’s time to break out of the habit of putting Read more
  • Smooth Moves: Getting Rid of Corns and Calluses
    Does thick, dry skin on your feet have you worried about wearing sandals or going barefoot this summer? Corns and calluses can be discouraging, but don’t give up on smooth Read more
  • Spring Foot Cleaning
    Happy April! April is one of the best months because it means the days are getting warmer and longer. April is also a great month for feet because it’s National Read more
  • Diabetic Foot Care Tips
                Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes, or if you’ve been living with it for years, taking care of your feet is of the upmost importance. There are several Read more
  • Start Fresh with KeryFlex Replacement Nails
                Throughout our active lives, our toenails may take a beating from time to time. You may find that your once shiny, healthy nails are now Read more
  • Ouch! Are You in Need of Reconstructive Surgery?
                In many cases, if you need to reconstructive foot or ankle surgery, you’ll know it pretty quickly. Reconstructive surgery is often need after severe breaks or sprains in your Read more
  • Big Word of the Week: Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
    What is extracorporeal shockwave therapy? It may sound a little scary, but rest assured, it’s actually a safer, non-invasive treatment for bone and tissue injuries in the foot that could Read more
  • Stop Heel Pain Before It Starts
      Throughout our busy lives, we ask a lot of our feet. Certain aches and pains are to be expected but have you ever experienced heel pain that just wouldn’t go Read more
  • What's that ugly mole?
    Coming soon. Read more
  • Keeping your legs strong for travel!
    Swelling of your legs is very common if you're on long flights or drives while traveling for the holidays.  Sitting for long periods of time can cause blood to pool Read more
  • Beware of the extra holiday pounds!
    No matter where on your body you carry extra weight, it can affect your feet. Sometimes have a couple of extra cookies or cake during the holidays can really affect Read more
  • It's Diabetes Month!
    November is Diabetes Awareness Month! The diabetes epidemic has reached more than 30 million Americans to date, and complications in the feet send more people to the hospital than any other complication. The Read more
  • What's that mole on my foot?
    A lot of patients complain about weird moles that they see on their feet. Sometimes they can be itchy or irritating. A lot of the times they are simply benign Read more
  • Pregnancy and how it affects your feet!
    One of our very own staff is pregnant and stated she is experience some new foot pain. This is a perfect time to touch up on why that is. Although Read more
  • Driver's foot
     There are many problems you can have with your feet, athlete's foot, marcher's foot but what about driver's foot? People who work as taxi drivers or forklift operators may experince Read more

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