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  • Warts on your feet
    The painful lesion you may have at the bottom of your foot is known as a wart but the scientific term is a verruca vulgaris. They are usually caused caused Read more
  • Laser Treatment For Fungal Nails
    Onychomycosis or fungal nails affect about 10-15% of the American population. It is also very common for patients who have diabetes. Although the condition is not fatal, fungal nails can Read more
  • What is the lump on the top of my foot?
    Many patient come on complaining of a lump or bump on the top of their foot. Some can find it quite irritating especially when trying to wear fashionable shoes. One Read more
  • 3D Printing for our orthotics!
    Orthotics are corrective devices placed in your shoes to aid in walking and improve function.  They can help with all sorts of pediatric deformities, ranging from flat feet to heel Read more
  • The Walking Dead's chronic wounds
    The Walking Dead may be the most popular TV show right now. In the TV show, the heroes attempt to bring an end to the plague of zombies sweeping over the Read more
  • Are you an avid runner?
    People who are active runners do so because it is a healthy exercise and is very enjoyable. However, some may experience pain at the ball of their foot after years Read more
  • Do you have a swollen, painful toe joint?
    Is your big toe red, hot and swollen? Is it extremely painful? That can be a sign of gout. This conditions is one of many different types of arthritis. Gout Read more
  • Taking care of your feet in the winter
    Winter is in full swing with no signs of letting up. Although it is always chilly outside, abnormally cold feet with skin changes is not normal and should be checked Read more
  • Growing Pains: Fact and Fiction
        Many potential issues children face during their physical development can affect them when they are older. A lot of parents are worried about their children having flat feet or walking Read more
  • Diabetes and Ulcerations
        Diabetes affects roughly 10% of the United States population and is becoming a very serious problem. The affects of diabetes are not readily noticeable but can lead to serious complications Read more
  • Happy New Year from Gentle Touch!
    Happy New Year from all of us at Gentle Touch Foot Care! Around this time everyone has resolutions to keep. One of the most common resolutions is quitting smoking.  It Read more
  • Noticed any shooting pain in your feet?
        Numbness and tingling of the feet is a common complaint, the source may vary based on many factors.  Sometimes it can be something as simple as incorrect footwear, other times Read more
  • Tingling between your toes?
        Have you been experiencing numbness or pain between your toes? It could be due to a neuroma, or a benign growth of the nerve between your toes. It typically affects Read more
  • Do you have corns between your toes?
        Have you noticed painful corns between your toes?   In some cases it can be a simple callus but in others it can be a wart. The soft corn can appear Read more
  • Treating Burns
        Burns on your feet are common throughout the year. It can be something as simple as a superficial sunburn or a very unfortunate accident such as pouring scalding hot water Read more
  • November is Diabetes Awareness month!
        Diabetes is a problem that affects many Americans. In fact, according to the American Diabetic Association, up to 30 million Americans are dealing with diabetes.  Some cases go undiagnosed and Read more

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