• Do you have very sweaty feet?
        Excessive sweat can be an annoying and embarrassing condition. It affects both men and women; however the population it affects more is young men between the ages of 18-30 and Read more
  • Have you twisted your ankle recently?
    Sports injuries are common in conditioned athletes and weekend warriors alike. Ankle sprains are a very common occurrence. The cause of most of these injuries can vary depending on the Read more
  • My child is intoed, what should I do?
    If you noticed that you or your spouse has a certain foot type it can be given to your children because foot types are inheritable. Children typically start walking at Read more
  • September is PAD Awareness Month!
        As the children head back to school and our responsibilities begin again, it is important to remember that our feet never rest.  As you get busier many things can go Read more
  • What's that weird rash on my foot?
        If you discover calluses, rashes and/or dark spots that somehow “appear out of nowhere”, they can be signs of trouble. One cause could be allergic dermatitis, that cause can sometimes be Read more
  • The Spartan Race is Coming - Are you Prepared?
    Staying physically active is an important part of being healthy. Most experts agree a mixture of aerobic and strength exercises are an important way to stay fit. Since the Spartan Read more
  • NY Jets Muhammad Wilkerson's Achilles Injury
    New Jersey’s own Muhammed Wilkerson’s Achilles injury has thrown his ability to start Week 1 this season into doubt. Although there are many safety precautions taken by the New York Read more
  • Falls and the Summer
        The summer months can be great, filled with memories and fun for the whole family. With people of all ages going out and enjoying the lovely weather everyone should take Read more
  • Diabetic Feet And Sandals
    The hottest month of the summer has started and everyone is out enjoying the beautiful weather with barbecues and trips down the shore. But what if you are diabetic?  Sandals Read more
  • Feet Need Sunscreen Too!
    When the temperatures start to climb back into the 80’s, we will be gearing up for beach season! Whether you’re packing the whole family into the car for a day Read more
  • Therapuetic Effects of Hydrotherapy on the Feet
    The summer season is approaching us and many people will be ‘getting their feet wet’ whether it is in a pool, ocean, lake or river.  It is that time of Read more
  • I Have Foot Pain, Do I Need Custom Orthotics
    “I have foot pain” is a very general and common statement in a podiatry office.  Most people go with pain their feet for months to  years before the problem is Read more
  • NY Giants Rashad Jennings and Diabetic Complications
    Diabetes can affect everyone and anyone from all walks of life.  Sometimes it is the people who we most look up to that are afflicted with terrible diseases.  Rashad Jennings Read more
  • Warmer Weather Means More Time on Your Feet!
    During the spring months you may start walking, running, and getting your summer body in shape and picking up some workout routines.  One of the most important factors to keep Read more
  • Phife Dawg of Tribe Called Quest Dies of Diabetes
    In recent news, Phife Dawg of the hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest passed away at the young age of 45 due to complications from the long standing disease Read more
  • Did You Gain Any Extra Pounds Over The Winter Holiday Months
    Now that those winter holidays are over, for many of us during that time is a special time of year when we can relax with family, travel and see some Read more

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