3D Printing for our orthotics!

Orthotics are corrective devices placed in your shoes to aid in walking and improve function.  They can help with all sorts of pediatric deformities, ranging from flat feet to heel pain.  Orthotic inserts can also aid people with diabetes, distributing the pressures of the ground evenly across their foot.  When a patient comes in, the first part of the treatment is a complete biomechanical examination to evaluate all of the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons of the feet, ankles, and legs.

Once the examination is complete, x-rays are frequently performed to further determine any skeletal abnormalities that can be contributing to the patient's problems. Computerized foot scanning as well as gait analysis is used as well to get a complete picture of the patient's walking pattern and foot and ankle function. There are many types of orthotics and materials for orthotics that are all designed depending on the problem and the patient's activity level and age.

We here at Gentle Touch Foot Care are certified in surgery however we also believe in trying conservative therapy as well. By teaming up with Orthofeet we are utilizing their unique structure.io sensor technology to 3D print people’s feet and provide them with the best inserts technology can create. Our office recently installed this technology and are making it an important part of our practice and taking care of diabetic feet.

A podiatrist is the only person that is trained in a specialized field in medicine for anything concerning the lower extremity, foot and ankle, that’s why it is important for you to visit your podiatrist if there are any problems concerning your feet.  In the case of pediatric foot care it is always good to get it detected and dealt with before it affects your quality of life. If there you have any other questions feel free to contact Dr. Theall’s and Dr. Saleh’s Gentle Touch Foot Care office for all your foot and ankle needs and concerns at 973 673 – 3668.