Athlete's Feet in the Summertime
By Dr.Bruce Theall
July 30, 2015
Category: Athlete's Foot

During these dog days of summer, we usually begin to try to find ways to keep our bodies cooler when the temperature is on the rise.  When we begin to sweat or perspire, our feet end up taking most of the abuse.  People will often opt for lighter and more ‘airy’ footwear such as flip flops, sandals, and slip on type shoes more so for comfort and to keep cool.  Many problems can arise with our feet due to the heat, namely foot fungus, most commonly known as athlete’s foot. 

                Athlete’s foot can affect anyone, not only athletes.  It is a very common skin disease that causes itching, scaling, blistering, and flaking of the skin.  It is known as tinea pedis and is the most common of all superficial fungal skin infections that is usually caused by an overgrowth of organisms precipitated by a change in the skin’s microenvironment, other organisms, changes in humidity, and possible changes in the person’s immunological status.  Fungus thrive in dark moist environments, so what better place than a shoe with a sweaty foot during the summer, or walking barefoot around swimming pools/showers, barefoot in locker rooms, or even by sharing towels with others to dry your feet.  Scratching your skin or someone else’s can also be a mode of transmission.  Toe nails can also become infected with fungus the same way the foot skin can become infected. 

                Infection can be prevented by keeping your feet dry and changing between shoe wear by not wearing the same pair every day for all activities.  Be sure to have one pair of shoes for work, the gym, and walking.  You should also be sure to change all of your socks every day to ensure that no fungal elements are left after a long day of sweating.  There are many creams, ointments, oral medications, sprays, and powders that are available to be treat foot fungus.  Many sure you check with your podiatrist to see which kind of treatment is right for you. 

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