Athlete's Foot
By Dr. Bruce Theall
April 08, 2011
Category: Athlete's Foot

Athlete's foot or tinea pedis is one of the more common fungal infections of the skin and is more frequently seen during the upcoming summer months. A warm humid climate such as locker rooms, public pools, and showers helps the fungus to grow and spread. The skin can start itching, flaking and scaling leading to sever pain, inflammation and swelling can occur. In severe cases a bacterial infection can accompany the fungal infection which may need oral antibiotics to completely resolve the condition.  Fungus is easily spread to other areas of the body so a prompt treatment would be necessary to prevent spreading.

Even if you have never had it here are some tips to prevent you from getting it in the future.

  • Wear sandals in all public places this way the fungus doesn’t get on your feet.
  • Change shoe gear daily, especially if you are an active person.
  • Change socks frequently and wear socks that draw moisture away from your feet.
  • Keep your feet dry, use powder if necessary
  • Never borrow other people’s shoes especially if they have or have had the disease

Mild cases of athlete’s foot can be treated somewhat effectively with over the counter anti-fungal creams and sprays. But since it is easily spread and re infection is very common it is better to common to the office and get treatment for this fungal infection before it spreads and gets worse. If you experience any of the above symptoms it is important to come in to Gentle Touch Foot Care so you can be cured of your athlete’s foot infection in no time and ensure that it doesn’t spread. This way you can get back to that healthy lifestyle without pain and inflammation from this common infection. Call (973) 673-3668, visit our video library or schedule an appointment on our website.