Barack Obama suffers with Plantar Fascitis
By Dr.Bruce Theall
June 19, 2014
Category: Heel Pain
Tags: Heel pain   plantar fascitis  

When he was recently interviewed about his yearly physical, the President said he was in good health overall.  However, he admitted taking ibuprofen (Motrin) for his painful heel condition, plantar fasciitis.  Sharp or stabbing pains in the heel when you first get out of bed are often a sign of plantar fasciitis.   It is relieved by rest and sometimes goes away on its own.  Sometimes the pain will linger and even get worse to the point where the heel can hurt all day.   People who work or stand on their feet for long periods are prone to this condition. 

At Gentle Touch Foot Care we treat this problem quickly and can relieve pain immediately with various treatments.  Our doctors will determine the causes, and prescribe treatment to eliminate the pain.  We see hundreds of patients every year with this condition and work with you to start getting you back on your feet.  One of the  most common causes we find is the poor foot wear that a person has been wearing.  We evaluate the entire patient from their shoes, take a complete medical history, and after a complete examination,  we will decide on the best option for you.

Often when this is left untreated a bone spur on the heel can develop.  So the best thing to do is to call us and let us help you.   Newer treatments include our Diowave Laser that with only one use can reduce the inflammation which causes the pain of plantar fasciitis.