Best Shoes for your Child Going Back to School
By Dr. Bruce Theall
September 17, 2015
Category: Shoes
Tags: flat feet   shoes   childrens feet  

It is the start of ‘that time of year again’ when all the children will be rushing back to school. However, it is best that they run in a brand new pair of shoes that are comfortable for them.  Just as adults like a comfortable supportive sneaker/shoe, more importantly children need to have the same as well.  As children grow, the same problems they have adults can have and vice versa.  Some of the most common podopediatric issues are pes planus (flat feet), rotational abnormalities (eg. intoed gait), digital deformities (curly, webbed toes), dermatological disorders (eg. tinea pedis, verucae, ingrown nails), and apophysitis / growth-related disorders (eg. Sever’s disease) most of the time found in children that are very active in sports

                              Children grow at an alarming rate and their feet area always changing sizes with increasing age.  Shoes and socks may change in size every few months as your child’s feet begin to grow and develop.  You should always monitor your child’s growth and gait or “how they walk”, to ensure they are not in any pain when walking and that they are growing at a normal rate.  If you do notice any odd walking pattern, contact your podiatrist immediately for a proper evaluation.  It is also very important that each child gets his or her own brand new shoe.  Old shoes, or “hand-me-down” footwear can cause problems and may not fit comfortable to your child’s foot, also this is a very easy way to spread different bacteria and nail fungus to a sibling. 

Most parents choose shoes according to fashion and comfort for themselves and for their children, but this often is not the ideal way to choose the best shoes for your child’s feet.  You should see your podiatrist for the proper evaluation of your child’s specific foot type, and then a proper and specific recommendation will be given to your child to purchase certain foot wear.  The shoe purchase is vital and you must consider the right shoe for the right level of your child’s daily activity or sport.  Your biomechanics should be evaluated and are reflected in the shoe design.  Many injuries are secondary to an inappropriate shoe types. 

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