Big Toe Infection Blocks Football Kicker From Ny Giants
By Dr. Bruce Theall
April 09, 2015
Category: nail fungus
Tags: nail fungus   toe infection  

 A  toe infection of MRSA (one of the worst types of infection) has derailed the career of former NY Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes.   He said he got a locker room infection when playing for Tampa Bay and this has permanently injured his kicking foot.   He is suing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $20 million dollars!

We see infections in the toes all the time in the office especially around the toenails.  This is often from improper cutting of the nail or pedicures that introduce an organism to the nail unit.   Fortunately if treated early most of these infections will not cause permanent problems.

  Also proper shoes and correct size of shoe makes all the difference in the world.   If your feet have not been measured recently be sure to have them checked.   Feet change over the years just as other body areas do and need to be evaluated if new problems come up.

However, for an athlete that is required to constantly use his foot, this can be devastating.     For the regular person, while the toes are seemingly unimportant, they have a big effect on our normal gait (walking pattern).  Even the smallest change in a person’s foundation (their feet) can have drastic effects.   Often pain in the knees hips and even the back can be caused or aggravated by poor foot function or deformities.    So be sure to check your feet regularly for any unusual changes so you can avoid the agony of  “de-feet”. Contact Gentle Touch Foot Care for any og your feet care needs at 973 673-3668.