Blisters Cause and Affects
By Dr.Bruce Theall
November 16, 2015
Category: Blisters
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Blisters are common problems that happen everyday. They are the result of excessive rubbing or friction to the skin, often over an area that has excessive pressure or a prominent bone.

Treatment for most blisters is fairly simple, try not to pop the blister as that could lead to an infection. Simply keep it covered with a bandage or other clean covering until the body absorbs the fluid and it shrinks on its own, if it does open keep it clean with soap and water or rubbing alcohol and apply a topical antibiotic ointment with a sterile bandage until it heals. If it keeps draining more than 3 days or develops redness on the surrounding area you should see your doctor.

Preventing Blisters

The best way to treat a blister is not to develop one. Several helpful things can prevent a blister from starting.

  1. Wearing properly fitting shoes for your foot is important. I see many people who are not wearing the correct size. Frequently, people are wearing the same size that they have worn since they were young. Feet change with age just like the other parts of the body do. Come in and our staff will measure your feet and help you get the right size and fit to your feet.


  2. Daily steps to keep the feet cool and dry help prevent excess heat and friction that can lead to a blister. Using a foot powder with talc, baking soda, or aluminum chlorhydrate will help with sweating and friction. Natural Fiber socks made of wool, or acrylic rather than cotton socks help to let your skin moisture evaporate or not be trapped against your skin also newer styles of socks that are labeled “moisture wicking” have fibers that do the same thing.


  3. Shoes that feature leather uppers also help your feet breathe better and can help reduce the formation of blisters, there are also pads made of gel or silicone that can be used to put over areas that get rubbed to help protect them so a blister doesn’t develop in the first place

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