Bunions - Not to be Ignored
By Dr. Samuel Adegboyega
March 06, 2013
Category: Deformities
Tags: footwear   big toe   flat feet   bunion   shoes  

Ever notice a bump sticking out of the side of your big toe joint? It could be a bunion. This bump is much more than what you see on the outside of your foot, inside is where the real damage is! So what exactly is a bunion?

A bunion gradually forms as your big toe moves out of place. The entire structure of the front of the foot is changed. The tendons near the big toe also become distorted as the bones shift out of the proper location. The bony bump on the joint of the toe grows larger the more the big toe bends toward the smaller toes. If it’s left untreated, the big toe could ultimately overlap the second toe.

This deformity can be very painful! Many people suffering from bunions experience pain from constant irritation, friction and rubbing of the bump against their footwear. This causes the skin over the toe to become sore and red. Your joint flexes with every step you take, so the larger the bunion becomes, the more it could hurt to walk.

So what are the causes? The main culprits are high heels, ill-fitting shoes, inherited foot type, foot injuries and deformities at birth. Bunions also develop frequently in flat feet.

If you think you have a bunion and want more information on treatment, take a look at our video library, or call Gentle Touch Foot Care at (973) 673-FOOT to schedule an appointment with Drs. Theall and Sam. Remember, never ignore a bunion, it won’t go away on it’s own!