Children's Feet Need Love Too
By Dr.Bruce Theall
December 10, 2014
Category: Heel Pain
Tags: Heel pain   children's feet  

Many people assume because children have had less wear and tear on their feet due to young age that their feet should not be much of a concern until they come of age, however this is definitely a myth.Because children's feet are actively growing and developing parents should be careful not to over-correct abnormalities in a child's walking gait without first consulting a doctor. It is true that a child's foot tends to be more elastic and resilient than an adult's foot and thus less prone to injury, except for the heel growth plate. During foot growth spurts a child's foot bones tend to grow faster than the underlying muscle and tendon structure causing tension and tightness in a child's foot. Since the heel is one of the last parts of a kid's foot to fully develop, very active children in particular are at risk of developing heel pain. Heel Pain in children between 8 and 15 years is serious.

This kind of children's heel pain is called Sever's disease.  Sever's disease is easily prevented by putting children's arch supports into the child's cleats or basketball shoes. Child runners and other very active children should wear a supportive kid's athletic shoe that provides heel and arch support during outdoor play. You can contact Dr. Bruce Theall at Gentle Touch Foot Care to schedule an appointment to have your child's feet examined at any time.