Diabetic Shoes Matter
By Dr. Samuel Adegboyega
May 22, 2013
Category: Diabetes
Tags: footwear   diabetic shoes   neuropathy   ulcers  

Diabetic rock star Bret Michaels, former winner of Celebrity Apprentice, did not do so well in his return to this season’s All-Star series.  However, the rockers passion for educating people about diabetes is evident despite his early exit from the show.  Michaels, along with other diabetics, understands that education is key for living with this disease.

Diabetic foot care is one of the most important parts of managing this condition.  The feet can be devastated if blood sugar levels aren’t properly managed.  Simple blisters, or an ingrown toenail can result in amputation if ignored.  While regular podiatric care and daily self-exams are critical, diabetic footwear must also be a part of the equation. 

Diabetes results in decreased blood flow and neuropathy in the feet.  Shoes that are too tight, or cheaply made, do not protect vulnerable feet.  In fact, they cause damage.  Ill-fitting footwear can result in blisters and calluses, which may go undetected due to loss of feeling.  Lack of support and shock absorption can create pressure points that lead to open foot wounds.  These ulcers provide opportunities for bacterial and fungal infections that can be difficult to treat. Diabetic shoes matter, so take action now!

In the office of Drs. Theall and Adegboyega we provide specialized footwear for all our patients, especially for diabetics.  Customized insoles are provided to better protect the feet.  Our Foot Health Center provides many different styles and brands of footwear. In addition, our ISTEP computer laser scanner will help measure your feet to get the most correct fit. We have over 10 years of experience in providing proper shoegear. Call 973-673-3668 to schedule, or request an appointment at Gentle Touch Foot Care online.