Foods that are GOOD for gout!

Is your big toe red, hot and swollen? Is it extremely painful? That can be a sign of gout. This conditions is one of many different types of arthritis. Gout has been known for centuries as a disease that affects people known for eating rich foods. In fact, it was known as the “rich man’s disease” for years. The cause for gout is a build up of uric acid crystals in the body which can affect your joints, most notably your big toe joint in your foot. Once the build-up reaches a certain level, it can lead to a really painful acute gouty attack.


Anyone can get gout, but it mostly affects middle aged men. Treatment can vary depending on the extent of the condition. You podiatrist may prescribe oral medications, drain the joint and in some cases, perform surgery to relieve the pain. The most important thing to consider when you have been diagnosed with gout is to avoid the following foods:

    ·         Meats, including bacon, beef, pork, and lamb.

    ·         Anchovies, sardines, herring, mackerel

    ·         Shellfish including lobsters, crabs, shrimp and scallops

    ·         Beer and Wine

    ·         Soft drinks that are high in sugar


Most people already know about what should be avoided but what foods are GOOD for gout? 

  • Low fat dairy products, like Greek yogurt and low fat milk
  • A diet high in Vitamin C, such as Orange Juice
  • Darker berries like blackberries.

All of these foods reduce gout flare ups.  If you are worried about gout, or have experienced it before, visit us at Gentle Touch Foot Care. A podiatrist is the only person that is trained in a specialized field in medicine for anything concerning the lower extremity, foot and ankle, that’s why it is important for you to visit your podiatrist if there are any problems concerning your feet.  In the case of gout it is always good to get it detected and dealt with before the pain affects your quality of life. If there you have any other questions feel free to contact Dr. Theall’s and Dr. Saleh’s Gentle Touch Foot Care office for all your foot and ankle needs and concerns at 973 673 – 3668.