Fracture Foot For Mets Top Prospect
By Dr. Bruce Theall
May 01, 2013
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The New York Mets star of the future, Travis d'Arnaud, was hit in the foot by a foul ball last week causing a fracture on his 1st metatarsal. Most times, these type of injuries result in just a contusion, which is a painful bone bruise. However in Travis's case, he broke the bone. The 1st metatarsal is the bone that sits behind the big toe and is of crucial importance in foot function. While Travis may require surgery due to his athletic career, most patients we can see can be placed into an air-walking boot and soft cast and be treated conservatively. We see these injuries every week not from baseballs, but from lots of falling objects.

Any time you hurt your foot and there is pain for more than two or three, you should have your podiatrist evaluated. We can take digital x-rays and know immediately if a fracture is present. Prompt treatment can be the difference between a chronic painful arthritic condition and a quickly healed bone.

Bruce Theall, DPM, FACFAS