Halle Berry Broke Her Foot
By Dr. Bruce Theall
September 28, 2011
Category: Foot Injury

It was all over the internet that the 45 year old Oscar winner Halle Berry broke her right foot while filming oversea. She was taken to the local hospital where she was treated conservatively with a cast

This kind of injury could happen to anyone including athletes, non-athletes, old and young alike. It can be because of "unusual or repeated stress” on the bone or from a slip and fall. Broken bone can also occur from a direct trauma or even with people with weak bone i.e. people with osteoporosis.

Broken bone could be a stress fracture or complete true break. Stress fracture is an incomplete fracture or so called “Hairline fracture” while the true breaks are the fractures with obvious complete separation of bones on the x-ray. Whether stress fracture or complete fracture, fractures could be very painful and sometimes disabling.

The common symptoms of this kind of injury include bruising (black and blue coloration), swelling, pain, inability to walk. Fractures are usually diagnosed with x-ray but sometimes CT scan, bone scan or even MRI might be needed.

When diagnosed with fracture, it can be treated conservatively like in Halle berry’s case. The conservative treatments include placement in surgical shoe, cast shoe, soft cast, or hard cast. Sometimes depending on the severity, some fractures might need surgical intervention. If you suspect a fracture, please seek medical attention immediately. 

Dr. Theall of Gentle Touch Foot Care regulary treats fractures of the foot and ankle. If you have any questions please visit our video library, request an appointment on our website or contact our office at (973) 673-3668.