Healing Your Heel Pain

Heel pain is one of the most commonly seen foot conditions in podiatrists’ offices around the world. We all work and lead busy lives, and in doing so, ask a lot of our feet. This wear and tear add up over time, and if you don’t give your feet a rest, it could result in plantar fasciitis or, more commonly, heel pain. In this blog, we’ll talk about a few ways you can avoid and heal heel pain once and for all. 

Stretch Your Feet


            Little things like walking from your home to the train station every day may not seem like a workout for you, but it is for your feet. Just like any workout, it’s important that you stretch before you start. Your plantar fascia is the muscular band that connects the ball of your feet to your heel. When it becomes inflamed, you experience heel pain. Avoid the chance of inflammation performing the following stretch before walking:

  • Lean against a wall with your palms flat against it
  • Press your weight forward and leave your feet in place
  • Feel the resistance on your heels as you slowly lean further, stretching your heels and toes

Talk About Orthotics


            So often when we buy shoes, we prioritize form over function. The shoes that look best, don’t always support our feet the best. That’s where foot orthotics come into play. Orthotics are custom inserts designed by a foot doctor to fit the unique shape your feet. By putting custom orthotics in your shoes, you can still wear the footwear you love, without sacrificing support.

            When heel pain strikes, the most important thing to do is see your local podiatrist right away.  When treatment is started immediately, heel pain can typically be resolved through conservative treatments alone. However, if left untreated, your podiatrist may need to resort to surgical options.

            If you’re located in East Orange, NJ, or the surrounding Essex County area, come see Dr. Bruce Theall and his friendly staff at Gentle Touch Foot Care. Together, they can work treat your heel pain and keep it from coming back. Make an appointment online or call (973) 673-3668 today.