"Killer" Heels
By Dr. Bruce Theall
September 24, 2010
Category: High Heels
Tags: high heels   foot pain  

Throughout the past 60 years high heels have fallen into and out of fashion. Since the early 90's High heels have become a fashion staple for women, as seen in shows like Sex and the City". High heels tend to give the aesthetic illusion of longer, more slender and more toned legs.

Unfortunately there are complications that come with wearing them on a regular basis. Higher heels can cause increase pain at the balls of the feet and can frequently cause blisters to form. Besides temporary problems, wearing high heeled foot ware can cause more serious problems. Hammertoes, bunions and fractures can potentially develop over time. Higher heels increase the compression inside the knee and creates addition joint pain and strain. These shoes also have affects on your posture forcing the ankles, knees and hips into unnatural positions that increase the risk for joint degeneration and osteoarthritis. The take home message is not to eliminate heels from your wardrobe, just to limit the time you spend in those Jimmy Choo Stilettos.

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