Laser Treatment For Fungal Nails

Onychomycosis or fungal nails affect about 10-15% of the American population. It is also very common for patients who have diabetes. Although the condition is not fatal, fungal nails can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Toenail fungus can happen for many reasons, sometimes it is due to genetics, other times it can be because of standing in unclean public places without protection.

There are a few different way to treat nail fungus, but the most effective is nail laser.   There are no adverse side effects to nail laser treatment as it uses a focused laser to treat only the unsightly fungus without hurting the healthy tissue. Laser treatment is better than orals due to the lack of side effects and is more effective than topical nail solutions. Nail laser is a quick, painless, in-office procedure and usually lasts about 5 minutes.

A podiatrist is the only person that is trained in a specialized field in medicine for anything concerning the lower extremity, foot and ankle, that’s why it is important for you to visit your podiatrist if there are any problems concerning your feet.  In the case of fungal nails it is always good to get it detected and dealt with before it gets out of hand. If there you have any other questions feel free to contact Dr. Theall’s and Dr. Saleh’s Gentle Touch Foot Care office for all your foot and ankle needs and concerns at 973 673 – 3668.