Met pitcher Dickey's Heel Pain
By Dr. Bruce Theall
May 30, 2011
Category: Heel Pain

The NY Mets are trying to decide on placing pitcher R A  Dickey on the disabled list due to his foot injury. Dickey has an acute case of plantar fasciitis, which makes pitching, and fielding ground balls very difficult. There is extreme tenderness in the heel and arch when weight is put on the foot. The Mets are considering a cortisone injection, but this is only one of the possible treatments. 

Plantar fasciitis and heel pain are the most common problems treated at Gentle Touch Foot Care. It happens to the weekend warrior and the every day person as well.  It can be extremely disabling, preventing normal daily activities. In addition, when one foot has heel pain it can put increased stress on the other foot, leg, and even the low back. Proper early treatment can prevent all these problems and get you back on your feet, or back into your sport.

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