NY Giants Player Shut Down by Pea Sized Bone
By Dr. Bruce Theall
November 03, 2014
Category: sports injury

Jon Beason, who plays linebacker for the New York Giants, has been hampered all season by an injury to a small  pea shaped bone on the bottom of his foot.  He broke and tore the ligaments around the bone in pre season workouts this past summer.

  This bone called a sesamoid bone acts as a pivot underneath the first  toe to help players push off when walking or running. Being that this bone  is under the base of the big toe, it is very sensitive when it is injured. This compromises and makes painful  normal walking for the average person.    However, for a pro sports players  this problem can limit their acceleration and jumping ability.  We see this injury frequently in the office and have a variety of ways to conservatively treat it to calm the pain down.  If you are having pain on the ball of your foot, be sure not to ignore it.  Surgery is sometimes indicated in the more advanced cases, especially in athletes, however the average person will generally do well with the simple treatments provided in our office. If you have experienced an injury and may be in need of treatment contact Gentle Touch Foot Care at 973 673-3668 to make your appointment.