NY Jets Muhammad Wilkerson's Achilles Injury

New Jersey’s own Muhammed Wilkerson’s Achilles injury has thrown his ability to start Week 1 this season into doubt. Although there are many safety precautions taken by the New York Jets, a conditioned athlete always runs the risk of injury during training or during a game.

Injuries in the foot and ankle can happen in any aspect of the game.  It is very important for the athlete or anyone who is inflicted with an injury to seek medical attention as soon as the injury takes place.  In the case of Muhammed Wilkerson’s injury, most athletes suffer from Achilles tendon injuries when a great deal of force is placed on the leg with the knee extended.  Many types of injuries or fractures can occur when the tendon is stretched completely.  Other famous NFL players have sustained Achilles tendon injuries such as Vinny Testaverde and Takeo Spikes. 

The most typical symptom of an Achilles tendon injury is the complaint of hearing a “popping” sound when jumping, landing, or running.  There will be immediate weakness while walking, the inability to lift up your foot and limping typically occurs. Sports injuries can happen to anyone regardless of age or physical fitness. It is always important to know your limits and enjoy your activities accordingly. Additionally, it is always a good idea to wear the correct equipment and shoes depending on how rough your chosen sport tends to be.  

 A podiatrist is the only person that is trained in a specialized field in medicine for anything concerning the lower extremity, foot and ankle, that’s why it is important for you to visit your podiatrist if there are any problems concerning your feet.  In the case of injury prevention, the most effective treatment is playing safely, educate yourself and to wear nice, supportive shoes. If there are any other questions feel free to contact Dr. Theall’s Gentle Touch Foot Care office for all your foot and ankle needs and concerns at 973 673 – 3668.