Oprah Winfrey Suffers From Hammertoes
By Dr. Bruce Theall
December 31, 2014
Category: Hammertoes
Tags: foot pain   hammertoes   bunions  

Even celebrities are not immune to common foot problems. Even with all the money in the world Oprah Winfrey still suffers from the common condition that affect so many women today. Hammertoes are one of the most common problems seen at Foot Care Centers.  Hammertoes are produced by a muscle imbalance which causes the toe to bend.  Often the joints become fixed in this awkward position.

Hammer toes are one of three most common symptoms that are seen in the foot, the other two are bunions and plantar fasciitis.  All three of these symptoms are associated with chronic muscle and joint pain throughout the entire body. Hammertoes can be inherited perhaps due to our great grandparents (who wore ‘hand-me-down’ shoes from their older siblings) or a nerve abnormality but most doctors feel that they are mostly due to poor fitting shoes.  (Shoes that are too short and narrow for the foot) that force the toes into a bent position.

The condition of hammer toes starts with abnormal pronantion (in the feet). Abnormal pronation creates the “loose bag of bones” syndrome. When the toes are in this contracted position, the long flexor muscles (under the toes) are put on slack (they lose their tension). In time, they will automatically tighten up to regain that tension. Once these muscles have tightened up, they will hold the toes in a hammer toe position. 

There are some great treatment options for those who suffer from this condition and they include modifying shoe gear, padding and steroid injection therapy. Sometimes a doctor will use cortisone injections to relieve acute pain and a podiatrist may also custom-make an insert to wear inside your shoe. This can reduce pain and keep the hammer toe from getting worse  If persistent pain, then surgical correction is recommended. You can contact Dr.Bruce Theall if you are someone who may suffer from this condition. We can be reached at 973 673-3668(FOOT).