Plantar Warts
By Dr. Bruce Theall
November 22, 2010
Category: Warts

A plantar wart (also known as verruca plantaris) is a wart that occurs on the soles or toes of the feet. These lesions are caused by the HPV virus and it is estimated that 7-10% of the US population is infected. The virus typically occurs from walking on a moist surface such as pools or showers and can survive for long periods of time and are highly contagious.

Common symptoms of plantar warts include:

  • Pain or discomfort when walking or standing
  • Thick hard skin that resemble a callus with well defined boundaries
  • Tiny black specs that can appear on the surface of the wart (tiny clotted blood vessels)

You can prevent plantar warts by: not walking barefoot in public, not sharing shoes and socks, avoid contact with someone who has the disease, and checking your feet regularly.

You should make an appointment today if the wart becomes painful or if you experience discomfort, if you notice a change in size shape or color of the wart, or if they multiply or reappear. Without treatment, plantar warts can grow, spread and prompt new warts to grow as fast as the old ones disappear. If you can't confidently identify a growth on your foot, visit Gentle Touch Foot Care to ensure a correct diagnosis. Early diagnosis and treatment from our office can decrease the risk of the wart spreading and multiplying. If you have any additional questions visit our video library or contact our office via phone or website.