Protect Your Feet with Water Shoes
By Dr. Bruce Theall
June 04, 2013
Category: Shoes

The cast of the television show Jersey Shore teamed up with Governor Christie recently to encourage people to visit New Jersey beaches this summer.  Whether you plan to travel to Cape May, NJ, Ocean City, NJ, or a beach on the north end of the shore, make sure that your feet are protected!

Water shoes are one of the best buys for a summer free of foot pain.  From hot sand to sharp objects, a trip to the beach can put your footwear to the test.  Flip-flops often fail due to thin soles and instability.  Walking the sand can be relaxing, but it can also give your feet a workout.  Shoes that work well on this uneven terrain are imperative. 

The benefits of water shoes go beyond the sole.  Available in many styles and colors, this footwear easily transitions from the beach to the boardwalk.  The shoes are designed out of quick-drying fabrics that also offer breathability—important features that will help to avoid fungal and bacterial infections.  Often covering the whole foot, water shoes can also protect the tops of the feet from burning.  Plus, they stay on the feet during activity.  Other alternatives, such as flip-flops, fall off easily and can cause foot and ankle injuries

Heading to the beach this summer?  Make sure you have the best footwear for your activities.  Water shoes offer protection, versatility, and style.  If foot pain is putting a dent in your vacation plans, contact Gentle Touch Foot Care in East Orange, NJ by calling 973-673-3668.  Drs. Bruce Theall and Samuel Adegboyega will treat your pain, and have your feet ready for summer fun.  Call today, or request an appointment online.