Sharp Stabbing Pains in Your Heel May Be Achilles Tendonitis

Have you had a sharp stabbing pain in the back of your heel? Is there pain when you first step out of bed? They call it an "Achilles heel" for a reason. Injuring your can be one of the most painful and debilitating injuries a person can suffer. The Achilles Tendon is the single strongest tendon in the human body. The primary function of the Achilles tendon is to transmit the power of the calf to the foot resulting in the ability to move us forward, allow us to jump, dance, run you name it. If it has to do with motion, the Achilles tendon is a part of that activity. Occasionally the Achilles tendon loses the ability to keep up with us and the tendon becomes inflamed resulting in Achilles tendonitis.

Runners are incredibly susceptible to developing Achilles tendonitis. This is because the tendon has to absorb several times your body weight with each stride. Thus every step that you take as you run, you place a huge amount of stress on this tendon. Pain in the Achilles tendon can also be caused by a variety of different reasons but the most common ones are inappropriate footwear and foot and ankle imbalances.

Dr. Theall or Dr. Sam will evaluate your lower leg and foot completely through the use of technologies, such as digital x-rays, ultrasound (which are both done in the office) and sometimes an MRI. Once the causes of your Achilles tendon pain are known, the treatments are simple and can quickly provide relief of this condition and having you back running in no time.  Simple things like icing the heel at night, not wearing a flat shoe or flip-flop are early preventative treatments that people can try before visiting the office. If a office visit is still needed you can contact Gentle Touch Foot Care at 973 673-3668 to make an appointment with Dr.Theall or Dr.Sam at your earliest convenience.