Taking Care of an Athlete’s Feet

It is quite common for most people to participate in some type of exercise. How many times do we drive our kids to soccer or baseball practice, or watch them play football, basketball, tennis or lacrosse on the weekend? In all these cases, one part of the body that takes a pounding is their feet. If we want them to do their best, we need to take care of our feet just like anything else we consider important for our sport.  

As baseball players routinely oil their gloves for softness and longevity, all athlete’s need to keep a special eye on their feet. One blister, one corn or one sprain can put them out of commission losing valuable time participating in something they enjoy.

Suggestions for maintaining healthy feet for an athlete include:


  • Regular foot checks – every time you put on your shoes and socks check to make sure all is well, meaning no corns, blisters, pain or protruding bones
  • Making sure you have well-fitted and proper footwear – footwear must be supportive and sport appropriate – don’t use basketball shoes for running, etc.
  • Keeping socks dry – keep an extra pair near to avoid the accumulation of fungus breeding bacteria
  • Stretching before and after activities – it is always a good idea to stretch muscles and ligaments, but do so gently
  • Wash feet with soap and water – keep your feet clean which also helps avoid fungal infections
  • Keep feet dry – prevents fungal infections too
  • Use lotion or anti-fungal powder – softens and protects the feet

Performing at your highest level requires dedication and hard work. Keeping your body in shape requires the same if you want to get the most out of you and your sport. Even for casual sports enthusiasts, these recommendations can be a big help as they will prevent unnecessary injuries. 

If you’re an athlete, budding or more or have any other concerns about the health of your feet, make an appointment with us here at Gentle Touch Footcare. Our doctors Bruce Theall, DPM and Priscilla Seshie, DPM will diagnose your feet and apply the most appropriate treatment. Our offices are located at 310 Central Avenue East, Orange, NJ, 07018. Our phone number is 973-673-3668 and our website is www.drtheall.com.