The importance of your nutrition!

"You are what you eat" is a very common saying. This is especially true with patient who suffer from diabetes. The three main type of energy sources are carbohydrates, fast and proteins. However people with diabetes have a hard time processing carbohydrates in their bloodstreams which can lead inflammation and damage to their feet, leading to ulcers.

Keeping your blood sugar down is important, however making sure your protein intake is high is extremely important to maintain muscularity and the ability to heal if you are prone to ulcers. Wearing the proper shoes and taking care of your diabetes is also imperative.

If you or anyone you know has diabetes visit us at Gentle Touch Foot Care. A podiatrist is the only person that is trained in a specialized field in medicine for anything concerning the lower extremity, foot and ankle, that’s why it is important for you to visit your podiatrist if there are any problems concerning your feet. If there you have any other questions feel free to contact Dr. Theall’s and Dr. Saleh’s Gentle Touch Foot Care office for all your foot and ankle needs and concerns at 973 673 – 3668.