The Spartan Race is Coming - Are you Prepared?

Staying physically active is an important part of being healthy. Most experts agree a mixture of aerobic and strength exercises are an important way to stay fit. Since the Spartan Races are coming up all over the country many patients are inquiring about precautions that they should take before undergoing such a difficult race.

Before undergoing such a daunting race, be sure that you are capable of taking it on. Many injuries can happen from pushing too hard if you are not trained. Proper conditioning and training are extremely important to avoid injuries. Effective shoe gear is also necessary. Although barefoot shoes are the latest fad, studies show that a thick, supportive shoe with a deep heel cup is the ideal footwear when exercising and with day-to-day activities.

Another consideration is possible infections one can get if the shoes and socks are not properly cleaned. Fungal infections along with skin breakdown may occur.  If you have recently engaged in any sporting activity and are experiencing pain or Athlete’s foot you should seek the opinion of a professional, Dr. Theall or Dr. Saleh.  Stop playing and until you can come to our office, treat yourself with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) method to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and speed healing. 

Once you come to Gentle Touch Foot Care, Dr. Theall or Dr. Saleh will be able to provide you with the proper treatment and evaluation of the foot pain you are experiencing.  Feel free to come or call Dr. Theall and Dr. Saleh’s office, Gentle Touch Foot Care for a full comprehensive and thorough evaluation to discuss your foot health. For more information, contact our East Orange office at 973-673-FOOT (3668).