The Walking Dead's chronic wounds

The Walking Dead may be the most popular TV show right now. In the TV show, the heroes attempt to bring an end to the plague of zombies sweeping over the world—ragged clothes, wounds, and all.

While zombies are the latest craze, many among the living experience wounds that won’t heal—also known as chronic wounds.  The term chronic is used for sores that do not heal within four weeks.  There are different causes of this condition.  In the feet, they are most commonly associated with diabetes.  Being overweight often plays a role as well, since wounds usually develop around the pressure points of the feet. 

If someone with diabetes is not checking their feet regularly, a wound that won’t heal may go on without treatment.  Since the body’s immune response is not working to heal the area, infection can begin and spread quickly.  The results can be severe with the most devastating consequence being amputation and possibly death.

The situation in The Walking Dead may seem hopeless, but having a chronic wound isn’t the end of the world.  Wrapping the sore will help to protect it from bacteria.  Antibiotics are often prescribed in an effort to avert infection.  Skin grafts and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) can be used to promote faster closure of this wound type.

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