Toenail Pain Solution
By Dr. Bruce Theall
May 28, 2014
Category: Toenail pain

Many of our patients suffer with pain in their toenails when wearing shoes.  Not all toenail pain is from an ingrown nail however.  Thick ugly nails often cause pain due to the pressure the nail puts on the toe.   Also many times the improper cutting of the nails by the patient or the pedicurist leads to a painful condition.   All of these can easily be corrected with simple painless treatments. 

 Improper shoe size or style can place excess pressure on the top or end of the toe and make it hurt.   We always measure our patients feet when they come in to be sure they are wearing the correct size.   The style of shoe, especially a slip on type shoe, which has a low toe box, can be an aggravating cause of toenail pain.  If you can feel the top of your big toe touching the top of the upper of the shoe you should not wear the shoe.    There is no reason to let toenail pain slow you down, or prevent you from wearing stylish shoes. Contact us at Gentle Touch Foot Care so we can help wou with a solution.