What Is a Neuroma and What to Do If I Have One

If someone said you had a neuroma, would you know what they were referring to? A neuroma is a painful ailment otherwise known as a pinched nerve or nerve tumor that occurs between your 3 4 . Symptoms of an include:

  • Pain in the between the toes
  • Tingling numbness in the ball of your foot
  • May feel like there is a pebble in your shoe
  • Swelled toes
  • Pain in the ball of the foot when walked on

Factors which may contribute to the development of a include:

  • High heels – puts undue pressure on your toes
  • Sportshigh impact sports that a lot of running or uses tight shoes like rock climbing or ballet
  • People with bunions, hammertoe, high arches or flat feet

Home treatments include:

  • Wear shoes with a lot of room the toes
  • Wear shoes with lower heels
  • Wear shoes with good cushioning
  • Use ice to treat for pain
  • Rest and massage the foot

If these don’t help, then time to see your podiatrist. Your podiatrist will examine your feet and determine the best treatment for your sure another condition is not causing your pain. Podiatrists can:

  • Prescribe a better fitting shoe that doesn’t aggravate the
  • Anti-inflammatory or medication like cortisone
  • Padding and taping – will help alleviate pain by strengthening the affected area
  • Custom made orthotics – will cushion the affected area, taking the pressure off the nerve
  • Surgery – to remove the inflamed nerve

If you believe you have or are developing a or have any other concerns about the health of your feet, make an appointment with us here at Gentle Touch Footcare. Our doctors Bruce Theall, DPM and Priscilla Seshie, DPM will diagnose your feet and apply the most appropriate treatment. Our offices are located at 310 central Avenue East, Orange, NJ, 07018. Our phone number is 973-673-3668 and our website is www.drtheall.com