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            Throughout our active lives, our toenails may take a beating from time to time. You may find that your once shiny, healthy nails are now broken, yellowed, or missing all together. This is nothing to be ashamed about; missing toenails can be the sign of a life well lived. At Gentle Touch Foot Care, we’re proud to let you know that we have a solution to damaged and missing toenails. We offer KeryFlex Nail Restoration System to help your feet get a fresh start. 

What is It?


      KeryFlex nail replacement is an artificial toenail replacement that looks and feels as natural as possible. Designed from a durable and flexible polymer, KeryFlex is an easy alternative to restorative medications that work slow and aren’t always reliable. KeryFlex nails can be applied in minutes by your foot care, so you can regain confidence and rejoin your favorite activities as quickly as possible.

Why Would I Need It?


            Nails can become damaged, discolored, or go missing through a number of conditions including:

Another benefit of the KeryFlex system, is that it does not require the nail to be completely removed in order to be applied. KeryFlex bonds to the resin build-ups on your toe, saving you from undergoing the pain of surgically removing the nail completely.

Does it Hurt?


            For many people, the KeryFlex application is more like a pedicure that a medical procedure. During the process, your podiatrist will shape and buff your nail to ensure that it’s securely attached and properly shaped. Now, don’t expect your foot doctor to paint them in your favorite color, but do expect to leave with healthy toenails that you can feel good about showing off.

            To learn more about KeryFlex Nail Restoration, reach out to the office of Dr. Bruce Theall, DPM, Gentle Touch Foot Care in East Orange, NJ, today. The friendly staff here, which Dr. Emad Youssef, DPM, will be happy to help you achieve happy, healthy toenails. Make an appointment online or call (973) 673-3668 today.