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By Dr.Bruce Theall
December 04, 2014
Category: Ankle Pain

Just over a year after she fractured her hand after falling out of bed, she has suffered another injury  just days before she’s on red carpet duty at the Oscars. Kelly's high heel shoe got stuck in a drain in a bathroom and she had to make to the quick decision of either spraining her ankle or falling face first into the toilet, needless to say, she chose the ankle sprain. Wearing high heels can be quite tricky at times. There is no question that the high-heel is a pillar of high fashion however what is gained in beauty and style is often lost in ankle stability.   Ankle sprains come in all sizes and even the slightest injury can prevent you from wearing your favorite heel.  A sudden misstep that leads to your ankle turning inward can strain the ligaments on the outer side of your ankle.

If you’ve accidently misstepped and experience swelling, pain, and an inability to bear weight on your foot, you may have suffered an ankle sprain.  With the proper care, however, you can nurse your ankle back to action.  First and foremost, the swelling needs to be reduced which can be achieved by simple Ice application, compressive garments (ace-wraps), and ankle elevation.  If your pain does not quickly go away, you should have yourself examined to rule out any calamities like a fracture or a torn ligament. The doctors at Gentle Touch Foot Care will be happy to examine and evaluate if this has happened to you. Just remember the steps needed for the recovery process: reduce inflammation, restore range of motion, strength training, and balance and functional training.  Once the swelling is reduced, elevate your leg and start ranging your ankle in a circle.

The key to showing off  your stilettos again is dedicated and focused rehabilitation of your ankle sprain that may last week's rather than days. Until then proper supportive shoe wear is key and most of all, be patient and your Jimmy Choos will see the light of day again!