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Does thick, dry skin on your feet have you worried about wearing sandals or going barefoot this summer? Corns and calluses can be discouraging, but don’t give up on smooth feet. By identifying the causes of your rough feet and increasing your at-home care, you can renew the look of your feet just in time for your beach vacations, pool days, and other summer fun.

Where’s the Rub?


            Corns and calluses are caused by irregular friction irritating the skin on your feet as you walk. The difference between the two terms is that corns are generally deeper and more rigid than calluses, which are often more superficial. The key to relieving both is to identify the source of friction on your feet.

Corns and calluses often occur at the same time from repetitive friction caused by bone abnormalities like:

There are external causes of corns and calluses like improperly fitting shoes or foreign objects like pebbles, dirt, or sand buried in your shoes.

Find Relief


            Once you’ve found the source of friction on your feet, it’s time to focus on smoothing out your corns and calluses. If your rough skin has been caused by bunions or hammertoes, you can counteract the misshapen bones by being fitted for custom orthotics. You can even treat yourself to an at-home spa day to soften your skin a little bit. You can create your own foot bath and scrub by:

  • Filling a large bowl or your bath tub with enough warm water to submerge feet
  • Combining a little lemon juice, baby oil, and brown sugar
  • Soaking and rubbing feet with homemade exfoliant

At-home care is a great way to start smoothing out corns and calluses, but the fastest way to get rid of them is by seeing your local podiatrist as soon as the problem starts. If you’re located in Essex County or East Orange, NJ, come see Dr. Bruce Theall at Gentle Touch Foot Care. He and his friendly staff will evaluate your feet and help you make that as pretty as can be. Make an appointment online or call (973) 673-3668 today.