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By Audrey Snell, DPM
March 29, 2021
Category: Exercise
Tags: foot pain   podiatry   feet   exercise   low impact   bike   elliptical   row machine   summer  

ATTENTION LADIES (and all you men looking to slim down in these next few months)

Summer is coming up quick and everyone is getting back into their workout routines! Here are a few ideas for low impact cardio exercises so you don’t end up with new or worsening foot pain!

Elliptical – Get a great cardio workout while also stretching out the bottom of your foot. Take long full strides and using your arms as well will give you the most out of your elliptical workout.

Row machine – The rower is a great way to build strength and endurance without putting any strain on your lower extremity. Add resistance or go for speed and distance; either way you’ll definitely get a good sweat going!

Stationary bicycle – This one is my favorite! Adjust the seat to the perfect height to allow more or less extension of your leg depending on what your knees can handle. Usually, lining the seat height up to your hip while you are standing will give you a good idea of where to start.

Being able to do cardio without pounding down on your feet is a big advantage! All of these options have different resistances to challenge you day to day as well! Don’t forget to always stretch extensively before and after exercising to make sure your ligaments and muscles are ready to go. Make working out a consistent thing in your life and you will not regret it.

By Dr. Bruce Theall
March 22, 2013
Category: Exercise
Tags: children   running   family activities   feet   ankles  

Warmer weather is on its way! After being cooped up all winter, it’s time for you and your family to get outside and burn off some energy. Getting on your feet and participating in outdoor activities doesn’t just keep you and your family healthy, it also gives you a chance to bond!

Playing tag and chase is a great way to stretch your legs, and for the children in your family (and you) to beat those winter blues. You could also organize relays or races. Activities for children that involve running, jumping or hopping get their hearts pumping and adrenaline rushing in a way that only outdoor activities can accomplish!

Try organizing a potato sack race using sacks, pillowcases or laundry bags. Have one person at a time put both feet into the sack, hop around a marker, come back, then tag the next person on the team so that they can start hopping! The first team to have every player complete the race is the winner.

If you’re looking to do something with less running, pick up some sidewalk chalk from your local grocery or pharmacy. Encourage your kids to create masterpieces of their own on your driveway or sidewalk. Make sure to take a few pictures before the spring showers wash it all away!

Participating in outdoor activities can really take a toll on your feet and ankles. Make sure you and your children have the proper footwear and are monitoring your feet.  If an injury does occur, call Gentle Touch Foot Care at (973) 673-FOOT to schedule an appointment with Drs. Theall and Sam, or visit our website