Corns And Calluses

Corns and calluses are thickened layers of compacted, dead skin cells, also known as hyperkertosis. This thickening of skin cells occurs from repeated friction from skin rubbing against bony areas or against an irregularity in a shoe. These well circumscribed areas of hyperkeratosis occur at a site of pressure or friction. A callus is more superficial, or on top of the skin, and are usually located on side/bottom of the foot and heel. Corns ordinarily form on the toes and are usually slightly deeper embedded in the skin than a callus. The friction and pressure can burn or otherwise be painful and may be relieved by moleskin or padding on the affected areas. Corns, calluses and ingrown toenails as well as hammer toe are all commonly associated with bunions.

Hard corns (heloma durum) frequently appear on prominent bony eminences, especially on the toes and plantar surface. Soft corns (heloma molle) happen between the toes. Due to alternating or discontinuous pressure or friction (irritation), improper footwear (corn), and repeated trauma to a particular area (callus).

Treatment for corns and calluses is fairly routine for many patients especially diabetics, who in many cases, are unable to trim the corns and calluses themselves. Patients are recommended to never cut their own corns or calluses with any instrument, and never apply home remedies, except under a podiatrist's instructions. Pads, moleskin or foam-rubber protective bandages, arch inserts (orthotics), or metatarsal plates or bars, file or pumice stone, and salicylic acid are just of the conservative treatment options that are available for these common issues with the feet.

Corns and calluses of the lower extremity are very commonly located on the foot and heels. Simple care and maintenance will prevent more serious problems in the future. It is critical to assess other diseases associated with these conditions, which can be done by Dr. Theall. All are welcome to come or call Gentle Touch Foot Care located in East Orange, NJ for a full comprehensive and thorough evaluation of your feet. We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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