How do I make an appointment?
What is involved in a foot examination?
Can serious medical problems be detected by examining the feet?
What are common causes of heel pain?
How important is it for my feet to be checked regularly?
What foot problems are Dr. Theall and Dr. Saleh able to treat? What methods do they use?
What specialized services does Gentle Touch Foot Care offer to our patients? Will my insurance cover the cost?
I have been to the pharmacy and tried different products without success, how can you help me?
What causes hammertoes?
What is causing my feet to smell bad?
Does your office have more information/pamphlet about my foot condition?
How are orthotics different from the arch supports I see in the store?
Custom orthotics are like eyeglasses.
Are orthotics going to correct my arch and my flatfoot?
Do more women have foot problems than men?
Are shoes responsible for all foot problems?
I'm not the size that you measured me. Why is that?
When my feet were measured, I was told I was a certain size, but when I buy that size why do the shoes feel loose on my feet and my heel slips out of the shoe?
Are foot problems hereditary?
I have been told that high heels are bad for me. Why?
Are wedge heels better than stilettos?
Why should a patient with diabetes see a podiatrist?
What Causes Your Nails to turn Dark?
Questions about arthritis
What are the shooting pains in my feet?



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