Medicare Therapeutic Shoes

If you suffer from complications of diabetes and are in need of proper shoewear to have your feet stay safe and protected, then Dr. Theall has the answer for you. The United States government Medicare program has allowed people who have diabetes with complications such as neuropathy, obtain custom diabetic shoes fully covered once a year. Diabetes is a serious disease than not many people understand. Diabetes can affect your eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart, and many more serious issues in your body can arise. Most importantly, diabetes is a serious disease that can lead to many foot complications. Diabetes causes damage to the nerves of the feet (neuropathy) and to the circulatory system may lead to foot amputations.

Sixteen million Americans have Diabetes and more than 50% are unaware that they have the disease, and that is why it is important for you to take responsibility for your health and go see a podiatrist for a full evaluation of your feet. Diabetes is a major cause of disability and hospitalization that is also the leading cause of 7% of all deaths in U.S. In addition, approximately 54,000 diabetic amputations every year occur. Therefore, Medicare has started a program to provide diabetics with a pair of special shoes every year. These shoes are measured and fit by our staff, and include three pairs of diabetic designed supportive insoles. Over 40 different styles of shoes are available, and in most cases there is no cost to the patient.

Diabetic shoes can be made wider, lower heeled, less flexible or more rigid for the custom shoe type fit for your lifestyle. Diabetic shoes are generally advised to accommodate the any associated deformities relieving the pressure off the feet regardless of your body type. With properly fitted shoes, your life will change and you will feel healthier with shoes that fit properly. Many different types of shoe modifications can be made to the shoes that you choose. Extra padding can also be added to the shoe and serve as a good means of cushioning and while protecting the foot to help prevent calluses, hard skin and corns from developing. Diabetic shoes are commonly worn by many people with neuropathy all times of the day to ensure they are safe and protected. Arch supports and orthotics are additional useful methods of conservative management for the more flat footed or over-pronated patients to help resolve abnormal function that may be the cause for the resulting deformity from diabetes. These will also require the patient to consider their choice of footwear. There are many more styles of diabetic shoes to choose from today especially at Dr. Theall’s office, Gentle Touch Foot Care. At Gentle Touch Foot Care, there is a Shoe Showroom filled wall to wall with all types of styles and sizes for your lifestyle.

Diabetes can be treated with medications and a lifestyle change. Exercise is always recommended, but you cannot begin to exercise without an evaluation of your health from your doctor first, and then the proper footwear to put in motion to the road to conquering this debilitating disease.

If you are interested to see if you are eligible to received Medicare Therapeutic Shoes, feel free to come to Dr. Theall’s office, Gentle Touch Foot Care for a full comprehensive and thorough evaluation to discuss your foot health.

For more information, contact our East Orange office at 973-673-FOOT (3668) .

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