Reconstructive Foot Ankle Surgery

The health of your feet impacts the wellness of your entire body, so addressing foot and ankle conditions quickly is important. Conservative treatment is always the first approach to providing relief for a patient.  However, there are times when a person’s quality of life is affected and discomfort and loss of mobility require significant intervention. At Gentle Touch Foot Care, you can rest assured that your feet and ankles are receiving the best surgical care. Look forward to enjoying pain-free days and resuming your favorite activities.

We specialize in several areas of podiatric care including rearfoot and ankle surgery. Consider the stress created with every strike of the heel and turn of the foot, and you can appreciate the complexity of these areas. When an injury occurs, the whole body is literally thrown off its foundation.

Common Rearfoot Conditions Resulting in Surgery

Ankle fractures

—A break can affect any or all of the three bones that comprise the ankle. The severity of a fracture is determined by the number of bones involved and whether or not the bone cracks or is completely broken. These injuries can be complicated by ligaments that are stretched or torn during the accident. nstability is one of the more serious results of this type of injury, and if not properly addressed chronic ankle problems can result.

Flat feet

—If a person’s arch has fallen due to tendon damage, surgery may be required to correct the problem. The distribution of the body’s weight across the feet is directly impacted. f an imbalance occurs, gait changes and the lower back, hips, knees, and ankles are all affected.

Cavus foot

—At the other end of the spectrum, an arch that is too high also shifts the weight of the body. n this case, the heel often becomes irritated due to excess pressure. Painful walking, ball-of-the-foot pain, and increased risk for ankle sprains may also result from this condition.

Ankle sprains

—When an ankle injury occurs that affects only the ligaments and not the bones, it is classified as a sprain. The grade or severity of the sprain will depend on the type of damage to the ligament, which serves as a stabilizer for the ankle, is incurred.

Soft tissue masses

—When a tumor is discovered, it must be addressed right away to determine whether or not cancer is present. While the majority of these masses are benign (ganglion cysts are among the most common), a type of cancer called soft tissue sarcoma can occur in the ankles.

Corrective Procedures for Rearfoot or Ankle Conditions

Ankle scope

—This type of procedure is less invasive and uses a combination of technologies to address ankle injuries and conditions. After making several incisions, the doctor operates with an arthroscope. This tiny camera uses fiber optic video to show the doctor the damage that needs to be addressed. Fluid is pushed through the ankle, so that there is better visibility during the procedure.

Tendon repair, transfer

—These surgeries can be used to address damage to the Achilles tendon and other tendons as well. First, we determine whether repair or transfer is necessary. Repair is done if less than fifty percent of the tendon has been damaged, and transfer is required for damage to over half of the affected tendon. With repair, the part of the tendon that has been injured is removed. The remaining section is then repaired. f a transfer must occur, a tendon is removed from the big toe and attached to the remaining portion of the tendon that is remaining.

If you are experiencing these symptoms you can start with wearing the properly fitting and type shoe, and icing the area. f your pain persists, you should seek the opinion of a professional, Dr. Theall. He will be able to provide you with the proper treatment and evaluation of the foot pain you are experiencing.

Our surgical experience means that you and your feet are getting the best care in the region. f you require surgery to address a rearfoot or ankle condition, we will create a treatment plan that is unique to your situation. Patient-centered, expert care is what you and your feet deserve, and our doctors will deliver. Feel free to come or call Dr. Theall’s office, Gentle Touch Foot Care for a full comprehensive and thorough evaluation to discuss your foot health.

For more information, contact our East Orange office at 973-673-FOOT (3668) .

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