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Our feet will take, on average, more than one million steps in a lifetime. But is hard to enjoy those steps if they are painful. New Jersey podiatrist, Dr. Theall has been providing exquisite foot and ankle care for over 35 years to the Oranges and looks forward to continuing his passion for foot and ankle care. Dr. Theall will help you understand your foot or ankle problem and will provide you with options for treatment. Our office believes that unnecessary foot and ankle pain should not prevent you from having an active lifestyle. The doctors at Gentle Touch Foot Care can help you with any foot and ankle problem, including:

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Specialized Services

  • Digital X-rays
  • Neurological and vascular testing
  • Foot Health Center (products to help the feet walk in comfort)
  • Video Patient Education Programs

Gentle Touch Foot Care currently has 2 programs for patients to meet their footwear needs.

Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program
Diabetes is a serious disease that can lead to many foot complications. Damage to the nerves of the feet (neuropathy) and to the circulatory system may lead to foot amputations. Approximately 54,000 diabetic amputations every year occur. Therefore, Medicare has started a program to provide diabetics with a pair of special shoes every year. These shoes are measured and fit by our staff, and include three pairs of diabetic designed supportive insoles. Over 40 different styles of shoes are available, and in most cases there is no cost to the patient.

Professional Footwear Program
Dr. Theall has found in over 30 years in practice that most foot pain can be stopped or managed with the correct shoes. Not only does our staff measure your foot to determine your correct size, but Dr. Theall will also evaluate your feet to see what shoes and modifications the individual patient requires. The office contracts with many different distributors to provide a wide assortment of shoes for work, walking, casual, or dress use. Most of these shoes are designed to fit with custom orthotics when necessary to provide additional functional support. Custom made shoes are also available.

Braces for Ankle and Leg Support
Dr. Theall has concentrated his practice in the area of conservative treatment of the foot and ankle pathology. Surgery will always remain available as a last resort, but in most cases patients will get a satisfactory relief of foot and ankle pain by using various devices which make the foot function better. Comfort varies directly with foot function. There are many ways to alter improper function and support the foot and ankle.

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