When My Feet Were Measured I Was Told I Was A Certain Size But When I Buy That Size

This is a very common issue we see every day in the office. Many people come in wearing the wrong size shoe because in their proper size, the shoes tend to slip, especially in the heel. The reason for this is that most people will have a wider forefoot (front of the foot) than they do in the back part of their foot or the heel. Shoes are now made regularly in only one width medium and in some cases wide. A medium shoe in your size will often not fit properly around the heel. Shoes used to be made in many brands and what was called a combination last. This type of a shoe has a wider front and a narrower heel and will solve slippage issue. Unfortunately, there are vary shoes made in this format anymore due to economics and shoe companies not wanting to make too many different sizes in their shoes. We can help you though find the right size and make it fit your foot better, so be sure to ask our staff any questions that you have about shoes or shoe fitting.

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